10 March, 2019



I am a qualified masseuse for over 10 years, specializing in erotic massage and in its most spiritual side tantric massage, below you have a menu of my massages, all made with mastery and high doses of sensuality and eroticism.

Receptive tantra/erotic 1h 80€

Se trata de un masaje receptivo de cuerpo entero incluida la zona genital, lo realizo con mis manos

Body to body receptive tantra/erotic 1h 100€

Se trata de un masaje receptivo de cuerpo entero incluida la zona genital, lo realizo con mis manos, pecho, cuerpo y piernas

Body to body interactive tantra/erotic 1h 120€

Se trata de un masaje interactivo de cuerpo entero incluida la zona genital, donde podrás acariciar mi cuerpo mientras yo masajeo el tuyo, lo realizo con mis manos, pechos, cuerpo y piernas

Fetish massage 1h 120€

It is an interactive full body massage performed with my body and feet, including footjob (genital stimulation with the feet)

All massages have a hand/oral ending and include prostatic massage if you wish...


Girl Friend Experience GFE..   1h 150€

If you want to fully enjoy my love arts you can not miss my GFE, an intense experience full of complicity and high doses of eroticism, sensuality and pleasure.

What I offer: striptease, kisses*, caresses, oral without*, stimulation with my breasts, body, feet, penetration, postures, ejaculation in my face, breasts, body.

What I do NOT offer: A levels, penetration without a condom, any other kind of practice that could put my health at risk.

*I kiss as long as you have a clean and maintained mouth

*Oral without as long as you do not have warts, redness, roughness or any other sign of lack of hygiene or intimate health.

Erotic BDSM, Fetishism, Domination...

I have a dominant character, I like to command and feel in power although I have my limitations when it comes to inflicting pain on other people. That is why, before scheduling this type of session, we will talk about the practices you want us to do and we will agree on the limits.

On the other hand I love my feet to be caressed, massaged, adored and sucked, those are practices that really stimulate me and ignite my basest instincts. If you are a lover of this type of practice you have already found beautiful feet with which to perform...

What I do: spitting, golden rain, nipples and genitals torture, humiliation, sodomy, spanking, facesitting, torture with candles, ice.

What I do NOT do: use knives, needles or objects that can produce cuts or blood, asphyxia games, switch roles.

The tribute will depend on the type of practices that will be carried out and how long you want the session to last but ranges between 150€/200€ 1 hour.